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Mijumaru226 Mijumaru226 20 June 2020

Isle of Armor Discussion!

I realized there hasn't been a blog post lately, and since the DLC was just released I thought I'd ask - how is everyone enjoying it? Did any of your favourites make a return? I hope you are all enjoying it!!!

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Mijumaru226 Mijumaru226 15 October 2019

General Updates Discussion!

I should probably post this after tomorrow's update BUT I realised that I hadn't posted a blog post regarding September's updates, or the Glimwood Tangle Livestream so here we go! 

New Pokemon since the last discussion post include Polteageist, Cramorant, Sirfetch'd, and Galarian Ponyta (and SORT OF rapidash? It was heard at the end of the livestream but not seen), and man have September and October been interesting so far!

Personally I'm going all out for Galarian Ponyta and it will be my main collection alongside Oshawott, I've wanted this sort of a unicorn for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. Polteageist is brilliant, Cramorant is super wall eyed and adorable, and Sirfetch'd is the evolution Farfetch'd has needed for a long time (and I'…

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Mijumaru226 Mijumaru226 7 August 2019

August 7th Trailer Discussion

Back again to discuss this month's updates for Sword and Shield! What did you like and not like in the new trailer? Thoughts on Team Yell, Marnie, and Bede, and of course the new Pokemon?

Personally absolutely blown away by the Galarian forms - Weezing is just SO silly and cute, and Zigzagoon and Linoone are the badgers I've been wanting for ages, and to give them a new evolution! I am SO HAPPY! Morpeko is a cutie and has a really neat typing as well - definitely the regional Pika clone, and I love that it has the form change, which is a nice surprise.

Must say that I think Team Yell is a bit silly though, all in all, though not my least favorite team. 

Anyway, thoughts! :D

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Mijumaru226 Mijumaru226 13 July 2019

July 8th Trailer Discussion

Hey guys! 

This is a bit late but I wanted to see what the thoughts are about the new Pokémon revealed in the July 8th trailer (Alcremie, Duraludon, Rolycoly, Yamper, and the Gigantamax forms of Corviknight, Drednaw, and Alcremie). Are you guys going to colelct any of them?

Personally, I love Gigantamax Alcremie and Yamper and want to collect them both. Oddly enough, I love Rolycoly as well - I normally am a cute mon person but Rolycoly is just so silly! I wonder if he will get any good merch.

On a none collecting note, I do love that each version has an exclusive gym. Not influencing my choice but it's so neat to have noticeable differences between versions! 

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Mijumaru226 Mijumaru226 2 June 2019

Pokémon List Ideas

Hey there!

The List of Pokémon is nearly complete! I wanted to get some input before continuing though, since I now only have Mega Pokémon and Alola's Regional Variants to add to the list. So I have a few questions:

  1. Should Mega Pokémon and Alolan Regional variants be listed separately at the bottom of the lists (so below Generation VIII), or should the be listed below their original Pokémon, much like how I've listed separate forms for Gen 6 and 7 Pokémon?
  2. Should I use the Type icons (i.e. ) in the types column, or should the links already there be left so we can link to specific type pages? EDIT: I'll probably update the type icons anyway since they are outdated and were uploaded before Fairy was a type.

I've also made a test layout for the L…

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