Hi there! My name is Leah, but on the livejournal community I go by tamago226. I live in the UK, and I have been a member of the community since September 2008 and have enjoyed every minute of it!

I'm what people might refer to as an completionist collector, meaning this: It is centered around a Pokémon I collect, I want it (especially if Mijumaru is involved). This is difficult, however, since most of the Pokémon I collect are all either very popular or over-merched. It's all in the fun, though! <3

I like making friends and chatting with other collectors from time to time, so if you wanna talk contact me on LJ as Tamago226, or just pop me a message here!

My Collections

I collect the following pokemon:

S501.pngS502.png S503.png S077G.png S078G.png



My collection of Mijumaru and his evolutions can be found at my website The Freckled Samurai, my Galarian Ponyta and Rapidash collection can be found at Glimwood Tangle and my other collections can be found at the following websites:

Aurora Veil

The Valley Windworks

You're My Ribombee!

Have You Any Wooloo? (Under construction, of course!)

I still have to make webpages for many of my collections though, so stay tuned!

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