Topps Candy Container were a Pokémon toy line manufactured and distributed by Topps, later by Bazooka Candy, which is a subdivision of the former.


The series was started approximately very early, assumed to be 1999, during the start of the Pokémon franchise in Europe and discontinued in 2011. The line only saw distribution in Europe and Switzerland. The Containers themselves were shaped like the iconic Pokéballs, originally featuring designs matching the different kind of Pokéballs available in the games, later featured mostly different, individual designs and patterns. Included in each ball was a random figurine from a specific assortment or set, which consisted of six to seven different featured Pokémon. Those were issued in no consistent cycle, nearly every year, in later cases even two sets per year. Some releases have names assigned to them, some do not. Also included was candy, which changed in shape and consistency through the years. Starting with the second 2006 release there was also a sheet of stickers included in each ball, which depicted every Pokémon found in the release.


1999-2000 ReleasesEdit

Icon Name
001MS Bulbasaur
004MS Charmander
S005 Charmeleon
S006 Charizard
S007 Squirtle
S009 Blastoise
S010 Pikachu
S035 Clefairy
S037 Vulpix
S039 Jigglypuff
S052 Meowth
S054 Psyduck
S061 Poliwhirl
S133 Eevee
S150 Mewtwo
S175 Togepi

2001-2002 ReleaseEdit

Icon Name
S152 Chikorita
S155 Cyndaquil
S158 Totodile
S159 Croconaw
S174 Igglybuff
S182 Bellossom
S183 Marill
S199 Slowking
S200 Misdreavus
S208 Steelix
S214 Heracross
S219 Magcargo
S222 Corsola
S224 Octillery
S225 Delibird
S226 Mantine
S228 Houndour
S231 Phanpy
S236 Tyrogue
S239 Elekid
S244 Entei
S247 Pupitar
S249 Lugia

2003 Release (Advanced)Edit

Icon Name
S252 Treecko
S255 Torchic
S258 Mudkip
S380 Latias
S382 Kyogre
S383 Groudon

2004 Release (Advanced - 2)Edit

Icon Name
S025 Pikachu
S254 Sceptile
S257 Blaziken
S259 Marshtomp
S300 Skitty
S360 Wynaut

2005 Release (Advanced - 3)Edit

Icon Name
S267 Beautifly
S270 Lotad
S276 Taillow
S311 Plusle
S312 Minun
S384 Rayquaza

2006 Release 1 Edit

Icon Name
S261 Poochyena
S066 Machop
S313 Volbeat
S386 Deoxys
S202 Wobbuffet
S351 Castform

2006 Release 2 (Pre-DP)Edit

Icon Name
S361 Snorunt
S362 Glalie
S265 Wurmple
S446 Munchlax
S358 Chimecho
S341 Corphish
S490 Manaphy

2007 Release (Diamond and Pearl)Edit

Icon Name
S461 Weavile
S448 Lucario
S438 Bonsly
S439 Mime Jr.
S418 Buizel
S458 Mantyke

2008 Release 1Edit

Icon Name
S483 Dialga
S484 Palkia
S441 Chatot
S387 Turtwig
S390 Chimchar
S393 Piplup

2008 Release 2 (Darkrai Edition)Edit

Icon Name
S491 Darkrai
S466 Electivire
S453 Croagunk
S481 Mesprit
S408 Cranidos
S463 Lickilicky

2009 Release 1 (Shaymin Edition)Edit

Icon Name
S467 Magmortar
S464 Rhyperior
S482 Azelf
S486 Regigigas
S492 Shaymin
S492S Shaymin Sky Forme
S487 Giratina Origin Forme

2009 Release 2 (Pikachu Edition)Edit

Icon Name
File:S25.png Pikachu (clear, limited)
S460 Abomasnow
S478 Froslass
S473 Mamoswine
S480 Uxie
S450 Hippowdon
S485 Heatran

2010 Release 1 (Arceus Edition)Edit

Icon Name
File:S.png Grotle
File:S.png Monferno
File:S.png Prinplup
File:S.png Dialga
File:S.png Palkia
File:S.png Spiky-Ear Pichu
File:S.png Arceus

2010 Release 2 (Ho-Oh & Lugia Edition)Edit

Icon Name
S152 Chikorita
S155 Cyndaquil
S158 Totodile
S220 Swinub
S249 Lugia
S250 Ho-Oh

2011 Release (Jirachi Edition) Edit

Icon Name
S154 Meganium
S157 Typhlosion
S160 Feraligatr
File:S.png Entei
File:S.png Raikou
File:S.png Suicune
File:S.png Jirachi
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