TM Collection (わざマシンコレクション) are small, detailed pencil topper figures produced by Bandai. Each figure features the Pokémon in a dynamic attack pose (hence the name), and come with small stickers with information on the featured Pokémon and attack. The series spans 8 sets, with 10 figures per set.


Starting in 1996, tiny Pokémon figures on (normally) interlocking stands were dispersed in Gashapon machines. These sets have changed over the years. The original sets were called Full Color Collection and Full Color Stadium, and contains the first 151 Pokémon, most having multiple poses. For the G/S/C promotion, Full Color Stadium became Battle Museum and stands changed to black with stickers for the Pokémon's name, and they interlocked horizontally. They also never completed this set, and some Pokémon did not get these figures. For R/S/E and FR/LG, this set, TM Collection was released, which could go on stands, but were called pencil toppers.

Set ListsEdit

Set 01Edit

Name Attack
S003 Venusaur TM22 Solar Beam
S009 Blastoise Skull Bash
S006 Charizard Dragon Rage
S051 Dugtrio TM28 Dig
S311 Plusle TM34 Shock Wave
S312 Minun Helping Hand
S315 Roselia TM06 Toxic
S359 Absol TM12 Taunt
S365 Walrein TM07 Hail
S384 Rayquaza TM02 Dragon Claw

Set 02Edit

Name Attack
S089 Muk TM36 Sludge Bomb
S106 Hitmonlee TM31 Brick Break
S107 Hitmonchan Mega Punch
S143 Snorlax TM44 Rest
S243 Raikou TM33 Reflect
S244 Entei TM05 Roar
S245 Suicune TM04 Calm Mind
S383 Groudon TM38 Fire Blast
S385 Jirachi Future Sight
S448 Lucario Bite

Set 03Edit

Name Attack
S092 Gastly TM21 Frustration
S150 Mewtwo TM29 Psychic
S151 Mew Confusion
S254 Sceptile Leaf Blade
S257 Blaziken TM08 Bulk Up
S260 Swampert TM26 Earthquake
S357 Tropius Magical Leaf
S382 Kyogre Sheer Cold
S446 Munchlax Tackle
S448 Lucario Jump Kick

Set 04Edit

Name Attack
S025 Pikachu TM24 Thunderbolt
S052 Meowth TM27 Return
S192 Sunflora TM09 Bullet Seed
S377 Regirock AncientPower
S378 Regice Lock-On
S379 Registeel TM15 Hyper Beam
S386 Deoxys Cosmic Power
S438 Bonsly Fake Tears
S439 Mime Jr. Teeter Dance
S461 Weavile Revenge

Set 05Edit

Name Attack
S080 Slowbro Amnesia
S231 Phanpy Flail
S252 Treecko TM19 Giga Drain
S255 Torchic TM35 Flamethrower
S258 Mudkip Growl
S276 Taillow TM40 Aerial Ace
S324 Torkoal TM50 Overheat
S380 Latias TM17 Protect
S381 Latios TM20 Safeguard
S386S Deoxys (Speed) Agility

Set 06Edit

Name Attack
S154 Meganium TM16 Light Screen
S157 Typhlosion Flame Wheel
S160 Feraligatr Hydro Pump
S249 Lugia Aeroblast
S251 Celebi TM43 Secret Power
S262 Mightyena TM46 Thief
S274 Nuzleaf TM41 Torment
S306 Aggron TM23 Iron Tail
S350 Milotic TM18 Rain Dance
S386A Deoxys (Attack) TM24 Psycho Boost

Set 07Edit

Name Attack
S144 Articuno TM14 Blizzard
S145 Zapdos TM25 Thunder
S146 Moltres Sky Attack
S196 Espeon Morning Sun
S197 Umbreon Moonlight
S288 Vigoroth TM01 Focus Punch
S289 Slaking TM42 Facade
S330 Flygon TM37 Sandstorm
S344 Claydol TM39 Rock Tomb
S386D Deoxys (Defense) TM49 Snatch

Set 08Edit

Name Attack
S065 Alakazam TM48 Skill Swap
S123 Scyther TM32 Double Team
S131 Lapras TM13 Ice Beam
S227 Skarmory TM47 Steel Wing
S250 Ho-Oh TM11 Sunny Day
S300 Skitty TM45 Attract
S308 Medicham TM10 Hidden Power
S321 Wailord TM03 Water Pulse
S354 Banette TM30 Shadow Ball
S448 Lucario Iron Defense

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