Squirtle (Pokedoll)
2003 Tag


???, Velboa, Minky


Pokemon Center

Release Date(s)

2001, 2003, 2007

Squirtle is a Pokedoll, whose most recent release is 2007. Squirtle is possibly the cutest of the Kanto starters design-wise, featuring a very endearing smile and stubby arms held out at the doll's sides. Squirtle is a surprisingly simple doll, the most complex part of the doll is the pattern of the shell on the back but even that remains simplistic and stylistically minimal.


  • Squirtle was originally issued in 2001 as part of the PlushPlush line.
  • Squirtle was re-issued in 2003 as part of the Pokedoll line.
  • Squirtle was later re-issued in 2007 for the 10th Anniversary Promotion held in Pokemon Centers across Japan.