Sky Tear Rayquaza
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January 2010

Sky Tear Rayquaza (空を裂くレックウザ編)is the 12th Chapter in the Battrio series, and the 4th in the Zero saga.

Munchlax features as the secret rare for the set, and is simply a blue battrio reprint of the same Munchlax that features in this set.

Set ListEdit

Catalog Name Attack Special Ability Battrio Design
12-001 Rayquaza Outrage HP Up Master Ball
12-002 Celebi Leaf Storm HP Up Master Ball
12-003 Deoxys Superpower Attack Up Master Ball
12-004 Magmortar Flamethrower Attack Up Ultra Ball
12-005 Electivire Thunderbolt HP Up Ultra Ball
12-006 Latias Mist Ball Defence Up Ultra Ball
12-007 Latios Luster Purge Attack Up Ultra Ball
12-008 Luxray Crunch Speed Up Ultra Ball
12-009 Garchomp Draco Meteor Attack Up Ultra Ball
12-010 Slowbro Water Pulse N/A Great Ball
12-011 Quagsire Muddy Water N/A Great Ball
12-012 Honchkrow Night Slash N/A Great Ball
12-013 Machoke Wake-Up Slap N/A Great Ball
12-014 Electabuzz Shock Wave N/A Great Ball
12-015 Magmar Fire Punch N/A Great Ball
12-016 Luxio Discharge N/A Great Ball
12-017 Rampardos Head Smash N/A Great Ball
12-018 Skuntank Sludge Bomb N/A Great Ball
12-019 Hippowdon Earthquake N/A Great Ball
12-020 Gabite Dragon Rush N/A Great Ball
12-021 Munchlax Tackle N/A Pokeball
12-022 Unown Hidden Power N/A Pokeball
12-023 Makuhita Arm Thrust N/A Pokeball
12-024 Gible Sand Tomb N/A Pokeball
12-025 Zubat Poison Fang Support Pokeball
12-026 Slowpoke Confusion N/A Pokeball
12-027 Gastly Lick Support Pokeball
12-028 Cranidos Headbutt N/A Pokeball
12-029 Shinx Bite Support Pokeball
12-030 Elekid Ice Punch N/A Pokeball
12-031 Misdreavus Psybeam N/A Pokeball
12-032 Magby Thunderpunch N/A Pokeball
12-033 Delibird Ice Ball N/A Pokeball
12-034 Skarmory Air Cutter Support Pokeball
12-035 Mawile Iron Head N/A Pokeball
12-036 Piplup Drill Peck N/A Pokeball
12-021★ Munchlax Tackle N/A N/A



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