The Seasonal Series are a set of gashapon figures featuring Pokémon in various seasonal activities, each set with a specific theme.

Four sets are known.

Set ListEdit

Series 1Edit

ポケモン ぬくぬくタイム or Nuku Nuku Time, meaning Warm Time. The theme is yarn.

Series 2Edit

ポケモン ぽかぽかびより or Poka Poka Biyori, meaning Pleasantly Warm Weather. The theme is flowers.

Series 3Edit

ポケモンぎらぎらサンシャイン or Gira Gira Sunshine, or Dazzling Sunshine. The theme is beach balls/swim rings.

Series 4Edit

Titled Playing in the Fallen Leaves. The theme is, of course, playing in fallen leaves.


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