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Shiny Raikou (色違いライコウ), already a popular Pokémon in its normal color, gained some highly-sought merchandise with a Pokémon Center Lottery based on the shiny Beast Trio given away with movie tickets for the 2010 movie Ruler of Illusion: Zoroark.


Name & Catalog Type Manufacturer Size Notes
Shiny Raikou Pokedoll Pokemon Center N/A PokeCen Lottery Prize; A Prize set of all three dolls, B Prize one doll.
Shiny Raikou Pokemon Center Metal Charms Pokemon Center N/A C Prize PokeCen Lottery Prize
Shiny Raikou Pokemon Center A7 Size Sticker Sheet Pokemon Center N/A D Prize PokeCen Lottery Prize
Shiny Raikou Zukan DPSP Yujin N/A Capsule 3
Shiny Raikou Moncolle Plus Takara Tomy N/A Lottery Issue


See the main See Raikou/Shiny/TCG ​ TCG page for a full card listing

Name Rarity Holographic English Set Japanese Set Set Symbol(s)
Raikou ☆ Yes See Raikou/Shiny/TCG See Raikou/Shiny/TCG SetSymbolUnseen Forces.gif
Raikou (Shiny) N/A Yes N/A See Raikou/Shiny/TCG Ic-promo.gif
Raikou (Shiny) N/A Yes See Raikou/Shiny/TCG N/A Ic-promo.gif


Name Number Pack Set
Raikou (Shiny) 15-☆1 Hyper Pack (Double Clear) Decisive Battle! Legendary Pokemon


  • For every 2500円 spent in the Pokémon Centers in Japan from June 19 to July 25 2010, you get a chance to win one of three items. The lottery's official name is Garapon-Kuji (ガラポンくじ).

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