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07.08.2019 / Nearly done...
We're almost back on track! There are very few Pokémon that need to have their pages created. Check out the List of Pokémon so far!
15.06.2019 / Gen 1 complete
Good news! All First Generation Pokémon are now online!
01.06.2019 / Revamp and a promotion
DetectiveRaichu has been given a couple of shiny new badges and is now an Admin/Bureaucrat on the wiki.
You may have noticed a couple of new blogs hitting the wiki; one asking for opinions on potential changes and another discussing the new layout. Please drop by and tell us your thoughts on the subjects raised. Sui Kune and Callyfin did a fantastic job creating the foundation for the wiki, and we need your help to continue their great work!
14.5.2019 / Wiki Adopted
Hello! After nearly 9 years, the wiki has a new bureaucrat: Jazzcookie! Along with myself, DetectiveRaichu, we will be working on bringing this Wiki up to date, with new infoboxes and templates. Previously locked pages are now unlocked for community editing. Feel free to join us and help this be the best resource it can be!

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Pokémon Detective Pikachu is the first live-action Pokémon movie. The movie, focusing on the titular character and the son of his human partner, Tim Goodman, is based on the game of the same name.

Merchandise was first shown at Toy Fair 2019, before making its way to various countries in April that same year.

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This Detective Pikachu backpack is only available as a contest prize. If you have more information about this item, then share it with us!

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