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16 April 2020 / New layout
Since the London store closed a while ago, new layout time! Please let me (DetectiveRaichu) know if you have any problems.
13 April 2020 / 1,000 Articles!
The Wiki passed 1,000 pages! Well done editors!
07 August 2019 / Nearly done...
We're almost back on track! There are very few Pokémon that need to have their pages created. Check out the List of Pokémon so far!
15 June 2019 / Gen 1 complete
Good news! All First Generation Pokémon are now online!
01 June 2019 / Revamp and a promotion
DetectiveRaichu has been given a couple of shiny new badges and is now an Admin/Bureaucrat on the wiki.

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My Pokémon Collection (MYポケモンコレクション) is a series of keychain plush made by Banpresto from April 2011 - June 2016.

MPC primarily focused on Generation V Pokémon, though the series continued into Generation VI. The most notable aspect of this series is that it gave every Generation V Pokémon plush.

New Pokémon Center Merchandise


Snom is finally getting the merchandise it deserves! This lovely Motchiri plush is up for pre-order on the Japanese Pokémon Center Online Store, and will release on July 11, 2020. Click here to have a look at it on the website!

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