Pokémon Fit (also known as Sitting Cuties) is a series of plush toys released by the Pokémon Center.

This series of plush is unique for multiple reasons, firstly, for being that each plush is weighted with microbeads, with the intent to allow each one the ability to sit up by itself. The series is also unique for including every Pokémon (sometimes also every form of a Pokémon, as with the case of Unown) within the generations it has released Pokémon for, in a uniform style. As of early 2020, Generation I and Generation II have been represented in the series, with no news on addition generations in the works.

The first 30 Pokémon of the Generation I array of plush was released in Pokémon Center stores in Japan in July of 2018, with the rest of the plush being released later that year in November.[1] They were eventually made more readily available to North American fans upon being added to the Pokémon Center website as well.

The Generation II array of plush followed a similar release schedule, becoming available in Japan through Pokémon Center stores in June of 2019,[2] later being added to the Pokémon Center website for purchase outside of Japan.

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