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Pokédolls are a collection of highly popular plush toys, and are one of the longest running lines of collectibles.



2003 Pokédoll Tag


Current Pokédoll Tag.

Pokédolls were originally released from 2000 to 2002 as Pokémon PlushPlush (ぬいぐるみのぬいぐるみ). The original PlushPlush series featured soft pile and key design traits that would become a staple of the Pokédoll series, such as size being limited to roughly 6", and chibified anatomy. The first major change to the line when they shifted to the Pokédoll brand was changing facial features to embroidered details, while the original PlushPlush series used plastic eyes. The pile was changed and the majority of dolls were released in this styling. Another change happened after the release of Diamond and Pearl in Japan. The pile, previously velboa, was changed into an even softer, fuzzier pile called minky, which is the current standard. For each change in a generation, the tag art also changed.

PlushPlush ListEdit

Icon Pokémon
001MS Bulbasaur
004MS Charmander
S007 Squirtle
S025 Pikachu
S035 Clefairy
S043 Oddish
S054 Psyduck
S052 Meowth
S061 Poliwhirl
S094 Gengar
S133 Eevee
S152 Chikorita
S155 Cyndaquil
S158 Totodile
S172 Pichu
S202 Wobbuffet
S233 Porygon2
S246 Larvitar
S251 Celebi

Normal Pokédoll ListEdit

Icon Pokémon
001MS Bulbasaur
004MS Charmander
S006 Charizard
S007 Squirtle
S012 Butterfree


S035 Clefairy
S039 Jigglypuff
S052 Meowth
S061 Poliwhirl
S088 Grimer
S094 Gengar
S129 Magikarp
S131 Lapras
S133 Eevee
S134 Vaporeon
S135 Jolteon
S136 Flareon
S143 Snorlax
S149 Dragonite
S151 Mew
S152 Chikorita
S155 Cyndaquil
S158 Totodile
S164 Noctowl
S172 Pichu
S172t Tufty Pichu
S172s Notch-Eared Pichu
S173 Cleffa
S174 Igglybuff
S175 Togepi
S177 Natu
S183 Marill
S190 Aipom
S194 Wooper
S196 Espeon
S197 Umbreon
S202 Wobbuffet
S216 Teddiursa
S222 Corsola
S225 Delibird
S228 Houndour
S231 Phanpy
S233 Porygon2
S238 Smoochum
S239 Elekid
S240 Magby
S243 Raikou
S244 Entei
S245 Suicune
S246 Larvitar
S249 Lugia
S249A Shadow Lugia
S250 Ho-Oh
S251 Celebi
S252 Treecko
S254 Sceptile
S255 Torchic
S257 Blaziken
S258 Mudkip
S260 Swampert
S300 Skitty
S311 Plusle
S312 Minun
S321 Wailord
S327 Spinda
S334 Altaria
S341 Corphish
S355 Duskull
S359 Absol
S363 Spheal
S373 Salamence
S376 Metagross
S380 Latias
S381 Latios
S382 Kyogre
S383 Groudon
S384 Rayquaza
S385 Jirachi
S386 Deoxys
S386A Deoxys Attack Forme
S386D Deoxys Defense Forme
S387 Turtwig
S390 Chimchar
S393 Piplup
S399 Bidoof
S403 Shinx
S406 Budew
S417 Pachirisu
S418 Buizel
S421 Cherrim
S424 Ambipom
S427 Buneary
S429 Mismagius
S431 Glameow
S438 Bonsly
S439 Mime Jr.
S440 Happiny
S441 Chatot
S442 Spiritomb
S446 Munchlax
S447 Riolu
S448 Lucario
S453 Croagunk
S458 Mantyke
S459 Snover
S461 Weavile
S463 Lickilicky
S468 Togekiss
S470 Leafeon
S471 Glaceon
S479 Rotom
S479m Mow Rotom
S483 Dialga
S484 Palkia
S485 Heatran
S486 Regigigas
S487 Giratina Altered Forme
S487O Giratina Origin Forme
S488 Cresselia
S490 Manaphy
S491 Darkrai
S492 Shaymin Land Forme
S492S Shaymin Sky Forme
S493 Arceus
S494 Victini
S495 Snivy
S497 Serperior
S498 Tepig
S500 Emboar
S501 Oshawott
S503 Samurott
S511 Pansage
S513 Pansear
S515 Panpour
S517 Munna
S522 Blitzle
S527 Woobat
S529 Drillbur
S531 Audino
S532 Timburr
S535 Tympole
S538 Throh
S539 Sawk
S546 Cottonee
S547 Whimsicott
S559 Scraggy
S570 Zorua
S571 Zoroark
S572 Minccino
S573 Cinccino
S574 Gothita
S580 Ducklett
S582 Vanillite
S587 Emolga
S590 Foongus
S607 Litwick
S610 Axew
S613 Cubchoo
S619 Mienfoo
S625 Bisharp
S643 Reshiram
S644 Zekrom

Special Pokédoll ListEdit

Icon Pokémon Notes
S025 Pikachu 10th Anniversary, Normal
S025 Pikachu 10th Anniversary, Mini
S025 Pikachu Christmas, Oversized
S025 Pikachu Amigurumi (Knitted)
S025 Pikachu New Year, Oversized, Shimmery
S243s Raikou Shiny
S244s Entei Shiny
S245s Suicune Shiny
S387 Turtwig Christmas, Oversized
S387 Turtwig Amigurumi (Knitted)
S390 Chimchar Christmas, Oversized
S390 Chimchar Amigurumi (Knitted)
S393 Piplup Christmas, Oversized
S393 Piplup Amigurumi (Knitted)
S393 Piplup New Year, Oversized, Shimmery
S417 Pachirisu New Year, Oversized, Shimmery

Oversize Pokédoll ListEdit

Oversize Pokédolls are around twice the size of normal Pokédolls, but not as large as DX dolls - they were usually given out as New Year gifts at Pokémon Centers.

Icon Pokémon
001MS Bulbasaur
004MS Charmander
S007 Squirtle
S025 Pikachu
S252 Treecko
S255 Torchic
S258 Mudkip
S311 Plusle
S312 Minun
S382 Kyogre
S383 Groudon
S384 Rayquaza
S385 Jirachi
S387 Turtwig
S390 Chimchar
S393 Piplup
  • Pokédolls sold from the Pokémon Center Vending Machine in Seattle all have different tags exclusive to the machine.
    • Some of the Pokédolls that got their own US Release: Victini, Munna, Blitzle, Woobat, Drillbur, Audino, Timburr, Tympole, Throh, Sawk, Cottonee, Whimsicott, Scraggy, Cubchoo, Litwick, Zorua, Zoroark, Gothita, Ducklett, Vanillite, Foongus, Mienfoo, Bisharp, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Charmander, Squirtle, Jolteon, Umbreon, Flareon, Eevee, Leafeon, Glaceon, Kyogre, Groudon, Arceus, Shaymin (land), Shaymin (sky), Palkia, Dialga, Raikou, Entei, Suicune.

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