Mega Construx Pokémon Building Sets are a series of construction brick toys produced Mega Brands. Announced in February 2017[1], the toys launched in summer 2017 and are still in production today. Starting with six individual Pokémon, the series has since expanded to include more than one-hundred and thirty Pokémon across nearly one-hundred and fifty sets. Typically, they are targeted towards the 6-10 age range.

Poké Ball SeriesEdit

These sets consist of a single Pokémon and an accompanying Poké Ball, and are designed to be simple to build with few pieces. The retail price is $6.99. Series 3, 5 and 7 are considered hard to find. The 'Star' series is also known as Evergreen.

Series Pokémon

1 (2017)

Construx PB1 Abra
Construx PB1 Eevee
Construx PB1 Machop
Abra Eevee Machop
Construx PB1 Magikarp
Construx PB1 Pikachu
Construx PB1 Zubat
Magikarp Pikachu Zubat

2 (2017)

Construx PB2 Cubone
Construx PB2 Ekans
Construx PB2 Geodude
Cubone Ekans Geodude
Construx PB2 Meowth
Construx PB2 Paras
Construx PB2 Rattata
Meowth Paras Rattata

3 (2017)

Construx PB3 Crabrawler
Construx PB3 Fomantis
Construx PB3 Grubbin
Crabrawler Fomantis Grubbin
Construx PB3 Mimikyu
Construx PB3 Poliwag
Construx PB3 Spinarak
Mimikyu Poliwag Spinarak

4 (2018)

Construx PB4 Hoothoot
Construx PB4 Magnemite
Construx PB4 Pikachu
Hoothoot Magnemite Pikachu
Construx PB4 Shellder
Construx PB4 Togepi
Construx PB4 Wooper
Shellder Togepi Wooper

5 (2018)

Construx PB5 Bounsweet
Construx PB5 Carvanha
Construx PB5 Charjabug
Bounsweet Carvanha Charjabug
Construx PB5 Pikachu
Construx PB5 Staryu
Construx PB5 Stufful
Pikachu Staryu Stufful

6 (2018)

Construx PB6 Bellsprout
Construx PB6 Caterpie
Construx PB6 Charmander
Bellsprout Caterpie Charmander
Construx PB6 Chinchou
Construx PB6 Marill
Construx PB6 Pidgey
Chinchou Marill Pidgey

7 (2018)

Construx PB7 Larvitar
Construx PB7 Pichu
Construx PB7 Pikipek
Larvitar Pichu Pikipek
Construx PB7 Salandit
Construx PB7 Togedemaru
Construx PB7 Wurmple
Salandit Togedemaru Wurmple

8 (2019)

Construx PB8 Aron
Construx PB8 Eevee
Construx PB8 Munchlax
Aron Eevee Munchlax
Construx PB8 Plusle
Construx PB8 Sableye
Construx PB8 Sandshrew
Plusle Sableye Sandshrew

9 (2019)

Construx PB9 Clefairy
Construx PB9 Elekid
Construx PB9 Minun
Clefairy Elekid Minun
Construx PB9 Murkrow
Construx PB9 Omanyte
Construx PB9 Vulpix
Murkrow Omanyte Vulpix

Star (2019)

Construx PBStar Bulbasaur
Construx PBStar Charmander
Construx PBStar Jigglypuff
Bulbasaur Charmander Jigglypuff
Construx PBStar Meowth
Construx PBStar Pikachu
Construx PBStar Squirtle
Meowth Pikachu Squirtle

10 (2019)

Construx PB10 Aipom
Construx PB10 Ditto
Construx PB10 Kabuto
Aipom Ditto Kabuto
Construx PB10 Pancham
Construx PB10 Psyduck
Construx PB10 Snubbull
Pancham Psyduck Snubbull

11 (2020)

Construx PB11 Abra
Construx PB11 Growlithe
Construx PB11 Happiny
Abra Growlithe Happiny
Construx PB11 Nidoran♂
Construx PB11 Oddish
Construx PB11 Riolu
Nidoran♂ Oddish Riolu

12 (2020)

Construx PB12 Deino
Construx PB12 Horsea
Construx PB12 Minccino
Deino Horsea Minccino
Construx PB12 Nidoran♀
Construx PB12 Piplup
Construx PB12 Trapinch
Nidoran♀ Piplup Trapinch

1st Gen (2020)

Construx PB1st Gen Bulbasaur
Construx PB1st Gen Charmander
Construx PB1st Gen Cubone
Bulbasaur Charmander Cubone
Construx PB1st Gen Eevee
Construx PB1st Gen Pikachu
Construx PB1st Gen Squirtle
Eevee Pikachu Squirtle

Versus SeriesEdit

These sets feature two Pokémon, each with moving parts to depict various battle effects. The buildable environments often include action elements as well.

Released Set Featured Pokémon
2017 Construx Vs Pikachu Bulbasaur Pikachu & Bulbasaur
Pikachu Vs. Bulbasaur
2017 Construx Vs Squirtle Charmander Squirtle & Charmander
Squirtle Vs. Charmander
2018 Construx Vs Chikorita Cyndaquil Chikorita & Cyndaquil
Chikorita Vs. Cyndaquil
2018 Construx Vs Dragonite Togetic Dragonite & Togetic
Dragonite Vs. Togetic Challenge
2018 Construx Vs Rowlet Eevee Rowlet & Eevee
Rowlet Vs. Eevee
2018 Construx Vs Mew Mewtwo Mew & Mewtwo
Mew Vs.Mewtwo Clash
2018 Construx Vs Litten Popplio Litten & Popplio
Litten Vs. Popplio
2018 Construx Vs Pikachu Meowth Pikachu & Meowth
Pikachu & Meowth Showdown
2018 Construx Vs Totodile Snubbull Totodile & Snubbull
Totodile Vs. Snubbull
2018 Construx Vs Venusaur Beedrill Venusaur & Beedrill
Venusaur Vs. Beedrill
2019 Construx Vs Piplup Turtwig Piplup & Turtwig
Piplup Vs. Turtwig
2019 Construx Vs Chimchar Pikachu Chimchar & Pikachu
Chimchar Vs. Pikachu
2019 Construx Vs Froakie Dedenne Froakie & Dedenne
Froakie Vs. Dedenne
2019 Construx Vs Fennekin Chespin Fennekin & Chespin
Fennekin Vs. Chespin
2019 Construx Vs Greninja Electabuzz Greninja & Electabuzz
Greninja Vs. Electabuzz
2020 Construx Vs Torchic Treecko Torchic & Treecko
Torchic Vs. Treecko
2020 Construx Vs Mudkip Poochyena Mudkip & Poochyena
Mudkip Vs. Poochyena
2020 Construx Vs Grookey Scorbunny Grookey & Scorbunny
Grookey Vs. Scorbunny
2020 Construx Vs Sobble Pikachu Sobble & Pikachu
Sobble Vs. Pikachu


These sets include multiple Pokémon, outside of the dueling aspect of the Versus series.

Released Set Featured Pokémon
2017 Construx 2017 Pokémon Multi Pack Mankey, Oddish, Pikachu, Sneasel, Teddiursa
Pokémon Multi Pack
2017 Construx 2017 Volcano Rivals Diglett, Growlithe, Krabby, Pikachu
Volcano Rivals
2018 Construx 2018 Onix Super Battle Ekans, Meowth, Onix, Pikachu, Porygon, Staryu
Onix Super Battle
2018 Construx 2018 Snorlax and Munchlax Munchlax, Snorlax
Snorlax and Munchlax
2019 Construx 2019 Kanto Partners Bulbasaur, Charmander, Pikachu, Squirtle
Kanto Partners
2019 Construx 2019 Tropical Frost Showdown Pikachu, Sandygast, Weavile, Wingull
Tropical Frost Showdown
2019 Construx 2019 Every Eevee Evolution! Eevee, Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Umbreon, Espeon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Sylveon
Every Eevee Evolution!
2020 Construx 2020 Poké Ball Multi Pack Caterpie, Cubone, Magikarp, Pikachu, Zubat
Poké Ball Multi Pack
2020 Construx 2020 Trainer Team Challenge Cacnea, Charmeleon, Ivysaur, Litleo, Psyduck, Wartortle
Trainer Team Challenge


These sets generally include Pokémon with greater detail and higher piece counts, as well as unique dioramas and effect parts.

Released Pokémon Image
2017 Ivysaur Construx Single Ivysaur 2017
2017 Charmeleon Construx Single Charmeleon 2017
2017 Wartortle Construx Single Wartortle 2017
2017 Charizard Construx Single Charizard 2017
2017 Blastoise Construx Single Blastoise 2017
2017 Gyarados Construx Single Gyarados 2017
2018 Dartrix Construx Single Dartrix 2018
2018 Torracat Construx Single Torracat 2018
2018 Brionne Construx Single Brionne 2018
2018 Gengar Construx Single Gengar 2018
2018 Lapras Construx Single Lapras 2018
2019 Scyther Construx Single Scyther 2019
2019 Raichu Construx Single Raichu 2019
2019 Slowpoke Construx Single Slowpoke 2019
2019 Lucario Construx Single Lucario 2019
2019 Gengar Construx Single Gengar 2019
2020 Kadabra Construx Single Kadabra 2020
2020 Ponyta Construx Single Ponyta 2020
2020 Tyranitar Construx Single Tyranitar 2020
2020 Luxio Construx Single Luxio 2020

Special SetsEdit

These sets are specialty sets that aren't a part of the other series.

Released Set Image
2018 Jumbo Pikachu Construx Jumbo Pikachu 2018
2018 Candy Cane Pikachu Construx Candy Cane Pikachu 2018
2018 Santa Hat Pikachu Construx Santa Hat Pikachu 2018
2020 Charmander Construx Charmander 2020
2020 Mew Construx Mew 2020
2020 Meowth Construx Meowth 2020
2020 Let's Go Building Box Construx Let's Go Building Box 2020
2020 Jumbo Eevee Construx Jumbo Eevee 2020
2020 Holiday Calendar Construx Holiday Calendar 2020
2020 Pikachu Construx Pikachu 2020

Detective Pikachu Series Edit

These sets are based off of Pokémon and locations seen in the live-action Detective Pikachu film that came out in 2019.

Released Pokémon Image
2019 Lickitung Construx Single Lickitung 2019
2019 Loudred Construx Single Loudred 2019
2019 Mr. Mime Construx Single Mr. Mime 2019
2019 Detective Pikachu Construx Detective Pikachu 2019
2019 Detective Pikachu Office Construx Detective Pikachu Office 2019
2019 Hi-Hat Café Construx Hi-Hat Café 2019


  • Construx 2019 Torterra NYTF

    Unreleased Torterra set

    The Onix Super Battle set was originally intended to be a nod to the first season of the anime; with Ash's Pikachu, Misty's Staryu and Brock's Onix battling against Team Rocket's Ekans, Koffing, and Meowth. Ultimately, Koffing was replaced with Porygon in the finalized release.
  • The upcoming Gengar set includes another reference to the anime. The Tower of Terror is based on the one seen in the episode sharing the same name.
  • A Torterra set was shown at the 2019 New York Toy Fair, slated for release as part of the Pokémon Detective Pikachu line. However, it was ultimately cancelled and is no longer shown on promotional materials.

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