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Hoothoot (ホーホー) is a Pokémon introduced in the second generation of Pokémon, Pokémon Gold and Silver (ポケットモンスター 金・銀 Pocket Monsters Gold & Silver). It evolves into Noctowl.


Name Image Series Manufacturer Release Date(s) Notes
Moncolle Img.jpg Monster Collection Tomy
Kids Figure Img.jpg Pokémon Kids Bandai Clear version available.
Pocket Monsters Stamp Figure Img.jpg Stamp 151 Banpresto
Battle Museum Figure Img.jpg Battle Museum Takara Tomy
Zukan Figure Img.jpg Zukan Yujin


Name Image Series Manufacturer Release Date(s) Notes
Pokémon fit Plush Pokemon fit Hoothoot.jpg Pokémon fit Pokémon Center June 8, 2019

Name & Catalog Type Manufacturer Size Notes
Hoothoot UFO Catchers Bandai? 6" Happiest Hoothoot plush
Hoothoot Reversible Pokeball ??? 4" Reverses into a Pokeball and back into Hoot again
Hoothoot Beanie Hasbro 6" Non-fuzzy
Hoothoot Fuzzy beanie? Hasbro 8" Similar pattern to other Hasbro plush, with different fabric
Hoothoot Friends Plush Bandai 4" Derps
Hoothoot Capsule Plush Yujin 3" Smallest known Hoothoot plush
Hoothoot Cuddle Pillow Hasbro/Jakks Pacific? x-bawks/36"? The patron saint of hoots. No seriously it's massive.


Name Image Series Manufacturer Release Date(s) Notes
Standee YawningSnorlaxHoothootStandee.jpg Yawning Snorlax Pokémon Center December 21, 2019 Comes in a set with the Grookey standee. Can be hung as well.

Name & Catalog Type Manufacturer Size Notes
Hoothoot Action Mascot Takara Tomy 6" Pull on the string and the wings flap
Hoothoot Bell Collection Kyodo? 1.5"? jingaling is the noise of the wild bell hoot
Hoothoot ??? ??? 3" Large, dark, hollow hoot of indeterminate origin
Hoothoot TOMY Keychain Takara Tomy 1.5"? Different pose from standard TOMY figure
Hoothoot ??? Hasbro? 1.5" Comes with plastic Pokeball
Hoothoot Zipper Pull ??? .5" Available in Gold & Silver (get it?)
Hoothoot ??? Takara Tomy .75" Happy Hoothoot clip
Hoothoot Clock thing ??? 1" Comes with plastic Pokeball clock
Hoothoot Laser Keychain, pew pew ??? 2" Available in matte or pearly finish
Hoothoot Medal Swing idk .75" lol johto metal swings
Hoothoot Pokemon Center Metal Charms Johto Pokedex Pokemon Center small Limited release.



See Hoothoot/TCG


Name & Catalog Type Manufacturer Size Notes
Hoothoot Papercraft 2" identity crisis hoot
Hoothoot Rolling stamp 1" omg adorable Hoots roll off of him
Hoothoot Stamp 151 ??? 1"
Hoothoot STAMP THING someone 2" clunky, self-inking thing


Name Image Series Manufacturer Release Date(s) Notes
Patch YawningSnorlaxHoothootGrookeyPatch.jpg Pokémon fit Yawning Snorlax December 21, 2019


  • Despite being historically shown as only having one leg in the games, anime, and most flat merch, almost all of the Hoothoot plush known to man (and all the ones known to dolphins) have two legs. His red eyes are also shown as orange on several pieces of merch, flat or non.
  • Hoothoot shows up in a lot of interesting mediums, including watches, tops, and CDs, with a surprising amount of unique items, despite collection of the owls being a relatively uncommon occurrence.

Collections & Major Appearances

Hoothoot PC Collections


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