Gengar (Pokedoll)
2007 Hang Tag


???, Velboa, Minky


Pokemon Center

Release Date(s)

2001, 2002, 2007

Gengar is a Pokedoll, whose most recent release is 2007. Gengar is quite a rotund Pokedoll with short, stubby arms and feet, and an array of spikes sewn into the back. For such a simple design, the doll is quite elaborate compared to some. The design of the original PlushPlush is marginally larger than the 2007 Halloween release, with a larger mouth and space to set the plastic eyes instead of embroidered details.


  • Gengar was originally issued in 2001 as part of the PlushPlush line.
  • Gengar was issued in a US exclusive release in 2002 at the NY Pokemon Center, featuring the same design as the PlushPlush but with embroidered details like the latest doll.
  • Gengar was re-issued in 2007.