"Eeveelution" refers to the Pokemon Eevee or one of its seven evolutions. The word started off as a fan-based term, but eventually it was starting to be used in some official sources. Most Eeveelutions are extremely popular, each having a lot of merchandise and a lot of collectors.

List of EeveelutionsEdit

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Icon Number Type Name
S133 #133 Normal Eevee
S134 #134 Water Vaporeon
S135 #135 Electric Jolteon
S136 #136 Fire Flareon
S196 #196 Psychic Espeon
S197 #197 Dark Umbreon
S470 #470 Grass Leafeon
S471 #471 Ice Glaceon

List of Eeveelution MerchandiseEdit

These lists are for items of merchandise that features more than one Eeveelution (this does not include merchandise featuring Eevee and only one of its evolutions).


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