The Giant Pokédoll series is a set of specially released Pokédolls in a larger format, ranging anywhere from 12" to 23". They are often referred to as Deluxe, or DX, Pokédolls. These are often released in limited editions by the Pokémon Daisuki Club and become highly sought after. Most of them are more recent as of 2009, but some Giant PlushPlush from as early as 2002 have been found. Not all Giant Pokédolls are made by Daisuki Club, many are standard Pokémon Center releases. as well as those from the now closed PokéPark.

List of Giant Pokédolls Edit

English Name Japanese Name
S025 Pikachu ピカチュウ
S143 Snorlax カビゴン
S151 Mew ミュウ
S202 Wobbuffet ソーナンス
S231 Phanpy ゴマゾウ
S251 Celebi セレビィ
S252 Treecko キモリ
S255 Torchic アチャモ
S258 Mudkip ミズゴロウ
S321 Wailord ホエルオー
S311 Plusle プラスル
S312 Minun マイナン
S385 Jirachi ジラーチ
S387 Turtwig ナエトル
S390 Chimchar ヒコザル
S393 Piplup ポッチャマ
S417 Pachirisu パチリス
S427 Buneary ミミロル
S438 Bonsly ウソハチ
S439 Mime Jr. マネネ
S446 Munchlax ゴンベ
S461 Weavile マニューラ
S483 Dialga ディアルガ
S484 Palkia パルキア
S491 Darkrai ダークライ
S492S Shaymin (Sky Forme) シェイミ (スカイフォルム)
S493 Arceus アルセウス

Trivia Edit

  • The DX Pokédoll range originally started in 2002. A recent Yahoo!Japan auction revealed a Wobbufett DX PlushPlush with a 2002 release, marking the official start of the jumbo dolls.

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