Challenge of the Gods
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March 2010

Challenge of the Gods (神話への挑戦編 lit. Challenge from Divinity)is the 13th Chapter in the Battrio series, and the 5th in the Zero saga. There is a heavy focus on Legendary Pokemon in this Chapter, featuring a total of 8 Master Ball Battrio- the most ever issued before.

Togepi features as the secret rare for the set, and is simply a blue battrio reprint of the same Togepi that features in this set.

Set ListEdit

Catalog Name Attack Special Ability Battrio Design
13-001 Arceus Judgement HP Up Master Ball
13-002 Dialga Flash Cannon Attack Up Master Ball
13-003 Palkia Aqua Tail Defence Up Master Ball
13-004 Lucario Aura Sphere N/A Master Ball
13-005 Regigigas Thunderpunch N/A Master Ball
13-006 Raikou Thunder Fang N/A Master Ball
13-007 Entei Fire Blast N/A Master Ball
13-008 Suicune Blizzard N/A Master Ball
13-009 Gallade Close Combat HP Up Ultra Ball
13-010 Roserade Leaf Storm Defence Up Ultra Ball
13-011 Dusknoir Ice Punch Attack Up Ultra Ball
13-012 Gengar Dark Pulse HP Up Ultra Ball
13-013 Togekiss Extremespeed Speed Up Ultra Ball
13-014 Cresselia Psychic Defence Up Ultra Ball
13-015 Salamence Draco Meteor Attack Up Ultra Ball
13-016 Tyranitar Rock Slide Attack Up Ultra Ball
13-017 Roselia Magical Leaf N/A Great Ball
13-018 Dusclops Shadow Sneak N/A Great Ball
13-019 Togetic Last Resort N/A Great Ball
13-020 Shelgon Headbutt N/A Great Ball
13-021 Haunter Shadow Punch N/A Great Ball
13-022 Scizor X-Scissor N/A Great Ball
13-023 Manectric Discharge N/A Great Ball
13-024 Magcargo Lava Plume N/A Great Ball
13-025 Lapras Brine Support Great Ball
13-026 Pilloswine Mud Bomb N/A Great Ball
13-027 Duskull Astonish Support Pokeball
13-028 Togepi Last Resort Support Pokeball
13-029 Bagon Dragon Claw Support Pokeball
13-030 Gastly Lick Support Pokeball
13-031 Chatot Chatter N/A Pokeball
13-032 Phanpy Tackle N/A Pokeball
13-033 Absol Bite N/A Pokeball
13-034 Budew Razor Leaf Support Pokeball
13-035 Scyther X-Scissor N/A Pokeball
13-036 Riolu Force Palm N/A Pokeball
13-028★ Togepi Last Resort Support N/A



Official Chapter 13 Set List (Japanese)