The sixth generation of Pokémon was introduced to Pokémon fans around the world on October 12, 2013. X and Y was a generation of many firsts - it was the first worldwide release of a Pokémon game, the first game to introduce Mega Pokémon, and the very first main series Pokémon game to be fully rendered in 3D. Though this generation did not introduce nearly as many Pokémon as the Generation V, is it memorable for its many quirky Pokémon, and for its similarities to its real-life inspiration, the country of France.

Unfortunately, toward the later part of this generation, Kalos merchandise slowed to a near halt, with Pikachu again dominating the merchandise scene due to its overwhelming popularity around the world, likely a side effect of a worldwide release reviving Pokémon's popularity in regions outside of Japan. AS a result, though some Pokémon in this generation received a good amount of merchandise, there are unfortunately many Pokémon that were left without even a single figure or plush.

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