The fifth generation of Pokémon was introduced to Pokémon fans in Japan on September 18, 2010, and was later released in the US, Australia, and Europe in early March 2011. This generation was unique - every Pokémon in the region, until beating the Elite 4, was a brand new Pokémon not connected to any previous region. Unova was a region it's own, and the biggest generation to date at 156 unique Pokémon! Generation V was also the first region to be based on a real life location outside of Japan, that being New York City and the surrounding area in the USA. Unfortunately, though it was decently received at the time, Generation 5 is now amongst the most disliked generations in Pokémon.

In terms of collecting, however, this generation was probably one of the best generations to date due to the variety of merchandise released. Each Black & White Pokémon got it's own plush, (thanks to the My Pokémon Collection series by Banpresto), as well as its on metal charm (thanks to the success of the Johto Pokédex Charm series), AEON Badge, and Dot Sprite Charm. Many different merchandise lines, such as Bandai Kids, Zukan, Chou Get, Retsuden Stampers, and more, were producing items for many different Pokémon as well.

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