Banpresto (バンプレスト) is a very famous Japanese amusement prize company that originally produced arcade video machines. The company was originally Hoei Sangyo, and was renamed Coreland Technology in 1982. The company was finally renamed Banpresto in 1989 when it became a subsidiary of Bandai, the same year it introduced its first amusement machines.

Banpresto has produced a massive amount of Pokémon prizes, including special lottery prizes such as Ichiban-Kuji and the Pokemon Movie 7-11 Promotional Lotteries (also known as WakuWaku Get Kuji).

As of 2012, Banpresto's has three entries that are unique only to Pokemon it its lineup, I ♥-series, My Pokemon Collection (MYポケモンコレクション), and Pokemon Waza Museum (ポケモン技ミュージアム). Pokemon have also appeared in Banpresto's other series.

I ♥Edit

The I ♥-series (I LOVE) features a collection of plush focusing on a single Pokemon or its family. As of 2012, only Pikachu and Eevee have been focused.

I ♥ PikachuEdit

The I ♥ Pikachu (I LOVE PIKACHU) series focused on Pokemon mascot, Pikachu. It was later succeeded by the I ♥ Eevee series.

I ♥ EeveeEdit

The I ♥ Eevee (I LOVE EIEVUI) ran Fall 2012 to Spring 2013 and was the successor to the I ♥ Pikachu series. The series focused on the Eevee family and its product lineup included a standalone Eevee plush, three complete lines of Eeveelution plushes, and an Eevee face cushion. A bonus giant Eevee could also be won.

Line Pokemon Release Date
I ♥ Eevee HQ Eevee Plush S133 10/2012
I ♥ Eevee Kaban ni Tsukerareru Plush 1 S133S134S197S470 10/2012
I ♥ Eevee Kaban ni Tsukerareru Plush 2 S135S136S196S471 11/2012
I ♥ Eevee Kaban ni Tsukerareru Plush 1[1] S133S134S197S470 12/2012
I ♥ Eevee Kaban ni Tsukerareru Plush 2[2] S135S136S196S471 12/2012
I ♥ Eevee SuperDX Plush 1 S135S136 01/2013
I ♥ Eevee SuperDX Plush 2 S470S471 02/2013
I ♥ Eevee SuperDX Plush 3 S197S196 03/2013
I ♥ Eevee Plush 1 S133S134S197S196 03/2013
I ♥ Eevee SuperDX Plush 4 S133S134 04/2013
I ♥ Eevee Plush 2 S135S136S470S471 04/2013
I ♥ Eevee Huge Rolling Face Cushion S133 05/2013
I ♥ Eevee Giant Eevee Plush Present S133 2012
  1. Rerelease
  2. Rerelease

My Pokemon CollectionEdit

My Pokemon Collection (MYポケモンコレクション) is a series of plush primarily focusing on Generation V Pokemon.

Line Pokemon Release Date
My Pokemon Collection Plush 1 S501S504S511S519S540S610 04/2011
My Pokemon Collection Plush 2 S495S506S513S522S529S531 04/2011
My Pokemon Collection Plush 3 S498S505S515S517S548S587 05/2011
My Pokemon Collection Plush 4 S496S557S564S568S585smS593 06/2011
My Pokemon Collection Plush 5 S025S052S494S501S643S644 07/2011
My Pokemon Collection Plush 6 S499S550aS559S586smS588S628 08/2011
My Pokemon Collection Plush 7 S502S550S582S590S594S598 08/2011
My Pokemon Collection Plush 8 S500S527S585aS599S602S603 09/2011

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