Pokémon Canvas (ポケモンキャンバス) are a range of plush that were released in Japan by The Pokémon Company and are designed to resemble a drawing of that Pokémon. This plush line appears to have first come out in 2006, which saw the releases of non-Sinnoh Pokémon such as Eevee and Aipom and also the Sinnoh starters. Then in 2007, the other Sinnoh canvas plush were released.

In September 2009, to promote the release of HeartGold and SoulSilver, canvas plush of the Johto starters: Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile were released. Then, in December 2009, a set of canvas Eeveelutions were released, during the Pokémon Center's Eevee Collection promotion. This also included a new re-designed Eevee canvas plush.

In January 2010, canvas plush of Pichu, Raichu and a re-released Pikachu were released. In June 2010 more were released. This set consists of: Vulpix, Growlithe, Lapras, Dragonite, Ampharos, Jirachi, Riolu, and Shaymin Land Forme.

General Appearance Edit

Canvas plush are small sized plush (usually a little smaller than a Pokédoll) that all have a very soft pile. Their colour is often more pastel-like compared to other ranges of plush to give them a more "drawn" feel. Most of these plush also have brown coloured eyes where black is usually more commonly used. The hang tag that comes attached to the plush always shows a picture, to the left of the tag, of an artist and a Smeargle who are painting/drawing on a canvas together. To the right of the tag is a picture featuring a drawing of the actual plush.

Canvas Plush List Edit


Example of the Pokémon Canvas tag.

Icon English Name Japanese Name
S025 Pikachu ピカチュウ
S026 Raichu ライチュウ
S037 Vulpix ロコン
S058 Growlithe ガーディ
S131 Lapras ラプラス
S133 Eevee (2006) イーブイ
S133 Eevee (2009) イーブイ
S134 Vaporeon シャワーズ
S135 Jolteon サンダース
S136 Flareon ブースター
S149 Dragonite カイリュー
S152 Chikorita チコリータ
S155 Cyndaquil ヒノアラシ
S158 Totodile ワニノコ
S172 Pichu ピチュー
S181 Ampharos デンリュウ
S190 Aipom エイパム
S196 Espeon エーフィ
S197 Umbreon ブラッキー
S311 Plusle プラスル
S312 Minun マイナン
S385 Jirachi ジラーチ
S387 Turtwig ナエトル
S390 Chimchar ヒコザル
S393 Piplup ポッチャマ
S396 Starly ムックル
S403 Shinx コリンク
S417 Pachirisu パチリス
S418 Buizel ブイゼル
S421 Cherrim チェリム
S425 Drifloon フワンテ
S427 Buneary ミミロル
S440 Happiny ピンプク
S447 Riolu リオル
S470 Leafeon リーフィア
S471 Glaceon グレイシア
S480 Uxie ユクシー
S481 Mesprit エムリット
S482 Azelf アグノム
S492 Shaymin (Land Forme) シェイミ (ランドフォルム)

Trivia Edit

  • Due to the overwhelming popularity of some canvas plush, combined with limited availability for some, the prices of the plush can be quite high in the collecting community or in auctions.
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